Asheo and Mistiet
by Robin Kirkman
Act 2, Scene 1

The outside wall of an athelitic facility. It's mostly tennis courts, but there's a pool and a track in the distance. To the other side is a golf course. The entirity of the facility is fenced in by chainlink fence, which has been coated in rubber so it won't rust. The whole place looks as if it was meant for rich snobs, which it was, because it is owned by Team Rocket, one of two extremely rich but feuding organizations.

Enter Ash, slightly dazed. He's just been dragged from a make-out session with a girl he just met, and isn't too pleased about it. So, he ran ahead of his friends, Gary and James.

Ash: I can't take it anymore. Im going back.

Ash tries, rather awkwardly, to climb the chainlink fence. He fails miserably.

Getting off the ground, Ash walks over to an unlocked door in the fencing, wondering why he didn't use it before. Probably because he was feeling gallant and heroic, and all that other sort of stuff that can get you killed.

Ash runs off into the distance, inside the facility.

Enter Gary and James, looking for Ash.

Gary: Hey Ash, where are you?

James: I bet he went to bed. He always -was- a goodiegoodie.

Gary: No, I think he came this way, tried to scramble up the wall, failed miserably, and went through the door instead.

Is it possible Gary, even though he's drunk, is being smart?

Nope. Camera shifts to show a note on the fence written by Ash, saying that he won't let himself be found. It also shows a piece of string that got caught on the fence, and is marking exactly where he went.

James: Yeah right, whatever.

James is in denial about being wrong :)

James: Ash! You here?

No answer.

James: Dammit Ash, where are you? Say something!

Again, no answer, but James is visibly red.

James: If you don't say something quick, I'm going to go rape Rosaline.

Gary: Shut up! If he hears you, he'll just get mad!

James: It wouldn't anger -him-. I think. I'm not sure Ash knows what rape even is.

Gary: Look, whatever, he's probably hiding. I've got some more playboys at home, wanna come?

James is still thinking about Ash. A little, anyways. The thought of nudity in females has a Brock effect on him :)

James: Bye Ash! I'm going to my bed, just as soon as I change the sheets.

Ooh, what have you been doing, James? Never mind, lets not find out.

Gary: Yeah, let's go. He isn't coming.

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